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We warmly welcome you to our leadership seminar, where you will have an opportunity to connect with other leaders and hear about current trends in the field of leadership. The event will be hosted online due to the COVID-19 situation getting worse in Riga, the original host city.

Deep Leadership® Goal-oriented Interaction Coaching

We offer an extensive selection of versatile coaching services and feedback tools, ranging from health behavior to leadership and pedagogical skills development. Most often we customize the Deep Lead® coaching process according to the needs of your organization but we also offer ready-made courses and theme lectures.

Our coaching services are available in Finnish and English. Currently, we operate in Finland and Canada.

Deep Lead® is a proven effective coaching method that aims at developing goal-oriented interaction skills and work culture. The objective of the coaching process is to assist individuals to develop themselves in the critical evaluation of their own behavior and improve their own interaction skills. We believe that individual learning precedes the development of the team, group, unit, and organization. A 360° profile assessment tool is used in the creation of a development plan for the coachee. 

Deep Health®-coaching concept is implemented by a doctor-led team and coaching itself addresses health behavior using the main principles of the Deep Leadership® model. The objective of Deep Health® training is to strengthen behaviors contributing to holistic wellbeing, while taking into account participants personal attributes. The entire coaching is customized according to your needs and different phases implemented by various health professionals.

The teaching profession, if anything, is interaction at it’s best. The Deep Leadership® model helps you clearly understand the use of goal-oriented interaction skills in instruction and its utilization in learning. Because teaching and coaching ways are strongly connected to the participants daily life and practices, Deep Teach® provides an excellent opportunity for development as an individual and improvement of systematic operations through analysis and feedback.

Deep Coach® coaching concept is specifically directed at sports coaches. Coaching utilizes the main principles of Deep leadership® while taking into account the sports coachs special attributes. The goal of Deep Coach® coaching is that, through his yet uncovered potential, the coach is able to help the athlete to find his internal coach. The training is completed in cooperation with the Pajulahti training center.

Deep Leadership® Training Solutions

Deep Lead Inc offers an extensive range of comprehensive training solutions for the development of the individual, group and organization. All coaching is based on the Deep Leadership® model and emphasizes the importance of goal-oriented interaction. 

Individual Development

The Deep Leadership® coaching process gives the individual a lasting, self-directing base for growth and development individually and as a leader.

Group Development

Efficient and effective teamwork is based on active interaction skills. In coaching, based on the Deep Leadership® model, groups are assisted in creating the right conditions for an open culture and effective interaction in their operating environment.

Organizational Development

Deep Lead® coaching gives the organization a remarkable instrument to manage and shape the prevalent leadership culture and to create a leadership development strategy. We have been involved in the development of dozens of different sized corporations' leadership and learning cultures. Because managerial work and interaction in the workplace concerns all employees, to ensure the best possible results, our customized coaching often reaches the entire organization.

Feedback Tools

We offer a variety of feedback tools to complement our Deep Lead® training programs.

Individual Profile 360°

Individual Profile allows you to receive feedback from your way of acting from three (3) respons groups, which you have selected, and against whose responses you mirror your self-assesment. 

Colleague Profile 270°

Colleague Profile allows you to receive feedback from your way of acting from two (2) respons groups, which you have selected, and against whose responses you mirror your self-assesment. 

Management Team Profile

Management Team Profile provides feedback from the strengths and possible development needs of the management team as a group. The profile allows the team to create performance measures for futher team development. 

Board of Directors Profile

Board of Directors Profile provides feedback from the strengths and possible development needs of the board as a group. The profile allows the board to create performance measures for futher board development. 

Work Community Profile

Work Community Profile provides feedback from the strengths and possible development needs of the work community. The profile allows the community to create performance measures for futher work community development. 

Resilience Profile

The Resilience Alliance Resilience Profile helps work communities go deal with change. The profile allows individuals to develop their change capabilities.

Firstbeat Wellness Analysis

Firstbeat Wellness Analysis reveals the focal stress factors in your everyday life, factors that help you recover, and the effects of physical exercise on you. The profile allows you to develop an optimal life rhythm and to balance stress with rest. 

Customized ZEF Feedback

ZEF tools allow us to customize employee and interest group surveys according to your specific needs. 

Deep Leadership® Coaching License

Deep Leadership® Coaching License allows you to use Deep Lead® coaching solutions in your organisation. We train your in-house coaches. Your in-house coaches train your staff.

Deep Leadership® Coaching License is a convenient solution for large and medium businesses which have continuous staff development needs and which posess the necessary staff resouces for training. 

Deep Leadership® Coaching License is a cost-effective method for developing staff. Large businesses can save up to 80% compared to purchasing training as out-house services.

Open Courses

We offer open Deep Lead® training courses. In the open courses, the goal is to guide the trainee to find her hidden resources. The open courses are suitable for anyone who wants to develop oneself at and outside work. 

The courses run over a 8 - 10-month period. They comprise four supervised lecture days and home assignments. 

The price includes coaching services, training materials, lunch, coffee, cloakroom services, the support of your coach during the course, and two profile assessments. In connection to the first profile assessment, you will have a 30-45-minute consultation with your dedicated coach. 

Please, contact us to find about our coaching services in English.

Theme Lectures

Our coaches give theme lectures in their field of speciality. We are also happy to customize a lecture according to your special needs. Examples of our current theme lecture services include:

Profitable Training: From Expense To Investment 

Management Team Decision-making In Chaos 

How To Survive In Constant Change?

Change Management

7 Deadly Sins of Customer Service

Creative Problem Solving Methods (The 5-Step Method) 

How Attitude Influences Work Community?  

Are My Clients Difficult Or Is It Me?: Attitude, Desire, and Skills 

Health & Wellbeing: From Words To Action

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